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  • What can I expect during my first visit with Elite Clarifications?
    Upon initial arrival, you will provide us with a valid driver’s license or Colorado state ID and fill out some intake paperwork. The appointment with the physician will take approximately forty-five minutes to an hour from start to finish. Every certification is differentiating in case, there are some patients who may require more time with the provider. We do our best to get you through the process as quickly as possible and ask for your patience when waiting! Every patient is required to be seen and evaluated by a licensed physician every year who is registered and approved to perform medical marijuana evaluations.
  • What credentials do the providers at Elite Clarifications have?
    All medical providers working with Elite Clarifications are licensed and authorized to practice medicine in Colorado and are in full compliance with the state’s medical cannabis program. They all possess extensive working knowledge of the therapeutic benefits one can gain from medical cannabis, and can further explain how this medicine can offer relief from your specific condition!
  • Does Elite Clarifications require medical records for certification?
    We strongly encourage all patients to bring any relevant medical records or documentation with them when attending their appointment. Medical records are required for patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, patients on probation, or patients wanting an extended plant count. If you do not have any medical documentation, we can help you file a PHI form, which will release the information to us directly from your primary care physician.
  • Does Elite Clarifications prescribe marijuana?
    We do not prescribe marijuana. A “prescription” is a specific, federally used term that requires a doctor to specify the dosage and method of ingestion for a specific type of medicine, usually pharmaceutical. Our medical providers will discuss various treatment plans with you, including the use of medical cannabis, in order to help alleviate the symptoms of your qualifying condition. If qualified, you will receive a medical cannabis certification.
  • Are all patients authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes?
    Patients able to safely access medical cannabis must live in Colorado as well as have a diagnosed qualifying condition according to state guidelines. Patients must be certified by a licensed physician who is registered and approved to perform Medical Marijuana evaluations in Colorado.
  • How can I renew my certification?
    Patients must be seen every year in order to re-determine their eligibility. The license you're granted is only valid for one-year and must be renewed before it expires to prevent any down time in being able to possess or purchase medicine. When your certification is due to expire, please call us at (719)-225-5601 to book your renewal appointment and mention that you are a returning patient as well as when your certification is set to expire. In order to prevent any down time in being able to possess or purchase your medicine, make sure that you give yourself minimum one month’s time before your certification expires to come see us!
  • What is a “caregiver”?
    A “caregiver” is someone who can cultivate for you and may transport medicine for you. This is a great option if you are not able to cultivate or drive to obtain your medicine. Caregivers are required to register with CDPHE and obtain a Cultivation number before you can list them as your cultivating caregiver. Once your caregiver has registered, they can give you a "Caregiver ID Number" for you to list on your application. Click here for the caregiver application.
  • What is self-cultivation?
    Some patients choose to grow their own medicine. Under state law, you may cultivate up to six plants. Please educate yourself on local ordinances and codes, as some municipalities have regulations regarding cultivating while residing in a single home dwelling. People who have been approved for medical marijuana are entitled to minimum six plants. State forms allow you to split the cultivation of your medical plants, however this is something you want to discuss with your caregiver and or center/dispensary before doing to remain in compliance. You may change your status for cultivation online.
  • What are extended/elevated plant counts?
    When it comes to managing your condition with medical cannabis, it is understood that you may need more than the standard amount of plants. Every city, county and municipality are entitled to create their own ordinances. These ordinances can regulate how much medicine can be grown in a single dwelling or home. It is important to make sure you read up on your local city and municipality ordinances and codes before beginning your cultivation. Please note that an extended plant count does not exclude you from those ordinances, codes, and regulations. Every physician requires you have extensive medical records documenting the reason for your request to increase your plant count. You will be required to have regular follow up appointments (approximately two total) in a year. Additional fees(may) apply to extended plant counts for your follow-up visits. During this follow-up, you will need to provide up to date medical records and any documentation showing information about the extended plant count such as yields or consumption. This is a case by case situation and is not for everyone. Physicians make their decision partially based on your medical history and partially on the regulations set forth by the state of Colorado. Not all physicians offer this so it is important to call ahead and discuss this with one of our members of staff!
  • What is a “center”?
    A “center” is commonly referred to as a dispensary. The center, or dispensary, is a retail store where you may purchase your medicine. Medical marijuana is taxable however, the tax is substantially lower than recreational tax and prices. Every center has different products and prices. The staff or "bud tenders" can help you with most common questions and help you find the right strain/form of medicine. Centers can also cultivate your medicine, typically this results in you receiving a discount for shopping at this location. Please note you may only have one center signed up at a time and it is common courtesy to give them 120 days before signing up a different center, if you chose to do so later on.
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